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John Tsenoli made his digital release debut in September 2019 with the release of his debut single "I'm Just a Boy". It reflects on his journey of him moving from his home town Lesotho to South Africa in pursuit of his dreams of becoming a Musician.

"The most beautiful aspect of creating this song is that it was made with the intention of helping someone realize that there is nothing greater to do for yourself than to chase after your dreams and what you believe in. We wrote this song during a time when we were conversing about what it means to be a true inspiration and not being tied down to peoples limitations and I kind of found my voice while in this process and the songs importance to me became sending a message of inspiration." - John Tsenoli


John has had two releases to date on Digital Platforms. I'm Just a Boy and I'm Just a Boy (Acoustic) both gaining traction on Spotify Playlists the world over.


For the "I'm Just a Boy" Music Video, John took his team back to his home town of Lesotho to capture the landscape and community he grew up in.  Lesotho is a landlocked Country residing within South Africa.  The Music Video was shot in 1 Day and the whole crew were welcomed in by his parents into their home.  A Memory no one will ever forget... The Beginning of  Something Incredible.

"I'm Just a Boy (Acoustic)" was recorded Live at Figure of 8 Productions in Sundowner in South Africa. Figure of 8 Productions is a prestigious Studio used by many of John Tsenoli's Role Models in the South African Industry. He is Accompanied by his Pianist - Kaelan Damon.

Ryno Zeelie who runs Figure of 8 Productions called John up one day and said, "I have a song for you that you need to hear".  Ryno had just finished watching an episode of She's Gotta Have it on Netflix and found a song written by Anthony Ramos - "Cry Today, Smile Tomorrow".  John and Ryno were both so moved by the song that they decided to share their own rendition of it with the world via a Youtube Release. So here is "Cry, Today Smile Tomorrow" performed by John Tsenoli, Ryno Zeelie and Kaelan Damon.

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